Episode 10

ASPIRATION | multi-mode

Met Council Chair (fmr.) Adam Duininck | light-rail
State Senator Scott Dibble | walk/bike
MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle | electric car

Last but certainly not least, we're wrapping up the season with three final interviews trekking across the Twin Cities (and back again) with policymakers Adam Duininck (Met Council Chair), Scott Dibble (State Senator), and Charlie Zelle (MnDOT Commissioner).

We begin in Minneapolis on an east-bound lightrail train with (now former) Met Council Chair Adam Duininck. We talked about the ways we need to think about transit going forward if we're going to maintain the exemplary system we have and keep up with the competition emerging elsewhere.

Riding the train with Adam Duininck.

Back in Minneapolis, we talk to State Senator Scott Dibble at the to-be site of the Southwest Lightrail expansion. We've walked and biked our way to the conversation in order to check out where the West Lake Platform will go in and to talk about the ways we can continue to push our state legislature to make smart transit decisions.

Finally, we head back to St. Paul from Minneapolis with MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle in an electric car. We cover topics ranging from merging to equity and how MnDOT is driving engagement state-wide on the diverse topic of transportation.

We hope you enjoy our final episode of season one! We'll be back soon with a new ride to join.

A MnDOT Engagement Van.

Laura and Commissioner Zelle in the MnDOT garage at the State Capitol complex.

Senator selfie with Scott Dibble.

A look at the Volt's dashboard as we drive in with
Commissioner Zelle.