Episode 3


Commute: Car
Studio: ReconnectRondo

In this episode, we discuss the duality of highways. For those who ride on top of them, our highways form a critical network connecting people to places and to each other. For those on top of whom they're built, highways are literal barriers that physically disconnect entire neighborhoods from essential services and surrounding communities.

Then, we're joined in the studio by Lars Christiansen and Nathaniel "Nick" Khaliq from ReconnectRondo, who share with us the story of how the I-94 expansion devastated St. Paul's largest African-American neighborhood and their project to build a land bridge to help restore it.

Laura with Bill Monn (yep, that's her dad)

First, we ride along with a 10 year veteran of the long-haul commute, Bill Monn, who drives from Chanhassen to St. Paul five days a week.

Lars Christiansen

Nathaniel "Nick" Khaliq