Episode 6

FLEXIBILITY | car-sharing

Commute: Walk
Studio: Move Minneapolis / HOURCAR

Jon and Laura walking across the University of Minnesota campus.

For many commuters, walking is the go-to mode of transportation, with back-up from transit or cars when flexibility is necessary -- but what happens when those options change?

First, we walk along with Jon Brown on his commute across the University of Minnesota campus. Jon's purposely chosen to live within easy walking distance of his home to alleviate some of his transportation needs; however, as you'll hear, Car2Go's departure from the Twin Cities drastically changed his flexibility.

Then, we head to the studio to talk with Mary Morse Marti, Executive Director of Move Minneapolis and a founder of the original Twin Cities ride-sharing company, HOURCAR, to talk about flexibility as a set of options and a state of mind. 

Leili in studio with Mary Morse Marti