Episode 7

SOCIAL COHESION | circulator

Commute: The LOOP Circulator
Studio: Minneapolis Public Schools

Jeffrey (L) and Jeremy (R) riding the West St. Paul LOOP bus.

A less tangible but no less important facet of transportation is social cohesion--our ability to connect with the people and places around us. In our seventh episode, we look at two very different situations and how transportation plays an essential role in helping individuals be part of their communities. 

For our first perspective, we commute with two persons with disabilities as we ride through West St. Paul on the LOOP, a fixed-route bus circulator offered by DARTS that connects residents and shoppers with businesses, restaurants, and parks. 

Next, we head to the studio for a discussion with Ryan Strack, Manager of Homeless and Highly Mobile Student Services at Minneapolis Public Schools on the ways MPS supports the transportation (and many other) needs of schoolchildren who lack stable housing so that they can thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Ryan Strack